01. He tied up the newspapers and took them out to the recycling [bin].
02. Please put your homework in the plastic [bin] on the table before you leave class today.
03. One of the most common accidents which occur aboard airliners is when a laptop computer falls on someone's head from an overhead storage [bin].
04. The bus driver put our skis in the luggage [bin].
05. Do you want to keep these old magazines, or can I toss them in the [bin]?
06. The store sells rice and flour and stuff in large [bins], so you can buy as much or as little as you want.
07. She took all her old homework assignments and papers and threw them in the recycling [bin].
08. We need a [bin] in the storage room to store the paintbrushes and rollers in.
09. I got a couple of t-shirts at half price out of the sale [bin] at the store.
10. The supermarket has a [bin] for contributions of food for the poor.
11. My compost is divided into two separate [bins] so I can turn it over from time to time.
12. There are some nice biscuits in the bread [bin] if you fancy a little snack.
13. Just put your knapsack in the overhead [bin] once you get on the bus.
14. She keeps all her files in plastic [bins] sitting on the floor of her office.
15. There were a lot of people on the plane, and the overhead luggage [bins] were filled to capacity.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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